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塩まぜそば 850円 Shio Maze Soba ¥850

塩まぜそば  850円 Shio Maze Soba ¥850シンプルに塩と鶏油で仕上げた「まぜそば」です。特製ラー油の香りも香ばしい。チャーシュー代わりの蒸し鶏胸肉も柔らかかくて美味い!ビールと一緒にいかがですか?

This dish is actually a kind of Ramen even it is named Soba or buckwheat noodles.It is simply seasoned with salt and chicken oil but the flavor of specially blended spiced oil adds a savory aroma to it. Chicken breast as a topping is also very good.How about trying it with beer?

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